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Face. Façade. Fiction.

Face. Façade. Fiction.

Emerging Artist and Painter Johanna Hartenberger in her Albuquerque studio in 2012Emerging Artist and Painter Johanna Hartenberger in her Albuquerque studio. 

In a culture of highly manicured appearance and constantly updated projection of self, my insatiable curiosity for individual identity is forever expanding. I’m in pursuit of discovery – of common elements, unique differentiators, personal histories and stories as visible or invisible as the lines on someone’s face. I’m eager to find that which resonates with the audience and reflects back onto the individual the questions only they can ask. I believe art has the power to do this – even the responsibility. The “faces” are depictions of real people, the “façade” is the syntax of commonality they share with others, and the “fiction” is the personal engagement and story I gather from the individual.

To cut through the artsy fartsy mumbo jumbo, showing weary eyes how curious and beautiful God’s pinnacle of creation in mankind through paintings and poetry is the single most exciting passion one could ask for.